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Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day


Did you know that one of Fido’s favorite holidays is around the corner? February 23rd is Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day! If there’s one thing all our canine patients have in common, it’s a love of treats. (Dogs are also pretty fond of toys, belly rubs, and car rides, but that’s another topic.) Read on as … Read More »

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9 Reasons to Consider a Reptilian Pet


Are you looking for a pet that is a bit unique? You may want to consider a reptile. While reptiles may not be right for everyone, they do have some very dedicated fans. As it turns out, they have some very wonderful and unique qualities that really do make them wonderful pets. An Auburn Hills, … Read More »

4 Ways To Keep Your Bunny Healthy


Have you recently adopted a bunny? Rabbits are very fun and adorable little pets. Of course, caring for rabbits is quite different than caring for dogs and cats. Your pet’s basic needs are fairly simple. Floppy will need a comfy cage, a good diet, and lots of fresh grass hay. However, good bunny care doesn’t … Read More »

Obesity In Cats


Did you know that well over half of our feline friends are obese or overweight? Fluffy may look cute if she’s a bit round, but those extra pounds are actually very bad for her health. A Lake Orion, MI vet discusses kitty obesity below. Basics Although any cat can become obese, kitties usually start getting … Read More »

Signs of Allergies In Dogs


Do you suffer from allergies? Even if you don’t, you likely know someone who does. Our canine pals can also be afflicted with allergies. Fido can react to a wide variety of substances, such as grass, mold, dust, pollen, insect bites, and ingredients in his food or shampoo. These allergies can develop at any point … Read More »

DIY Bird Toys

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Birds are very fun and playful pets. One thing that is absolutely crucial to Polly’s health and well-being is making sure she has lots of fun toys. You’ll need to rotate your pet’s playthings out regularly to keep things fun for her. Fortunately, you can make many fun bird toys out of regular household items. … Read More »

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